Why Should I Offer Guaranteed Hours?

I just had a conversation with a parent hiring a nanny. The prospective nanny bought the A to Z Nanny Contract and learned from the guidebook that I recommend every nanny receive guaranteed hours. You know, where the nanny is paid for a minimum number of hours even if the family is away or doesn’t need her to work. Plus the nanny refused to be paid a salary where she’d get the same amount if she worked 45 or 50 hours. She wanted to be paid for every hour she worked.

The dad wasn’t happy. He complained that she wanted to be paid hourly like a Starbucks worker but also enjoy guaranteed hours, a benefit usually reserved for a salaried professional worker. I agreed. She wanted the best of both worlds. Then I reminded him that he did too. He wanted a professional provider that had years of experience and a strong educational background. He wanted someone he could rely on to be there without fail through sickness, bad weather and anything else that might come up because he’s a single dad who travels often. He wanted someone he could trust with his child, his home, everything that was important to him. That didn’t sound like a “I’m just in it for the paycheck” kind of person to me. But he wasn’t offering her full health insurance, a retirement account or other benefits standard for a salaried professional. So he too was getting the best of both worlds. He agreed and added the benefit back into the contract.  (It’s a standard part of the A to Z Nanny Contract but he’d deleted that part.)

The moral of the story? Don’t just give up if you get a no the first time you ask for something. Explain your thinking. Have faith in your worth. Work towards a compromise. Good employers want to do the right thing. They want you to be happy in your jobs.

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