What to Wear to a Nanny Interview During The Summer

Ah, summer is here. The new uniform for many nannies is shorts, tank tops and flip flops, often over a swimsuit. We don’t work in air conditioned offices. We’re outside with our kids in the heat and the water for a good part of the day and have to (get to!) dress accordingly.

Many times, summer interviews head outside too. Parents want to get out in the beautiful weather and enjoy their kids and weekend time. Plus it’s the perfect way to see a potential nanny in action. So what do you wear to a summer interview that includes the park or the pool? It’s always important for your clothes to be professional (by nanny standards) and comfortable. In the summer, they also have to keep you cool and allow you to get outside and play.

And remember, often a family will invite you out to dinner after a day at the park, the pool or the club so always have a quick change of clothes ready.

What To Wear What To Avoid
Bermuda length shorts, capris shorts that are mid-thigh length or higher
calf length sun dress above the knee sun dress
sleeveless, cap or short sleeve t-shirt spaghetti strap or halter top
one piece swimsuit or tankini bikinis (even “modest” ones)
flip-flops at the pool, Toms sneakers,
platiform sandals


Top Honest Summer Dress Tips

Cleavage     You may find yourself in a swimsuit during an interview but make sure you choose a style that minimizes your cleavage. Even the most open-minded family doesn’t want to view their nanny in a sexual light. If your boyfriend or girlfriend would find your choice boring, you’re on the right track.


Thighs     Shorts that seem like a great length standing up often become way too short when you sit down. And swimsuits? Well think Land’s End. Again, attractive is fine. Sexy is the kiss of death.


Midriff     Many summer styles hit above or below the belly button. And they’re cute until you sit down, bend over or reach above your head. Then they’re just another source of too much skin.


Too Tight Anything     Stretch fabrics are great for comfort but if you’re even a little overweight, they can be revealing in a not so good way. Choose fabrics that won’t cling to you and give you a lot of room for movement.


Grooming     Summer fashions require you to spend more time in the grooming department. Invest in a pedicure, slater on the lotion, switch to a good clinical strength antiperspirant, get an easy care haircut. These small details are noticed.
Summertime can be a fun time to interview. So go out and wow them while enjoying yourself.


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