What Are the Stumbling Blocks in Your Job Search?

Every nanny faces stumbling blocks during her job search. They can be real (e.g. you were fired from your last job) or simply assumptions made by agencies or parents (e.g. you’re overweight so you must be a couch potato). Either way, they can keep you from getting the interview or landing the job. So what’s a job hunter to do?

First, take an honest assessment of what your stumbling blocks might be. Don’t simply list the ones you feel are valid. List the ones that you might come up against in your job search. Weight, not having a degree, being on a job for a short period of time, being on a job for a long period of time, being new to the local area, not having experience with a certain age, being young, being old, bringing your own child to work. There are lots of things that can stand between you and the right job.

Second, address your stumbling blocks in your job search portfolio. No, you’re not going to come out and say “Hey you don’t have to worry that I’m too old to keep up with a toddler. I’m in great shape for my age!” You’re going to address the issues in a subtle, positive way. By taking the proactive approach and tackling the issues in your job search portfolio, you’re calming the fears and debunking the myths before they get a chance to derail your job search.

Some nannies take the tactic that they’ll address them if they come up in the interview. Bad idea. Most of the time, you’ll never get to the interview. Your stumbling block most likely will move you to the “we’ll pass on her” pile. If you do happen to make it to the interview, the family has already had plenty of time to solidify their beliefs about you. Truth and fairness have nothing to do with it. We all have assumptions we make about others based on our own belief system and life experiences.

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