The Ripple Effect

I’m a big believer in the ripple effect. Wikipedia defines it as “a term used to describe a situation where, like the ever expanding ripples across water when an object is dropped into it, an effect from an initial state can be followed outwards incrementally.”

National Nanny Training Day is an amazing example of this principle. This coming Saturday, April 28th 2012, nannies from across the United States and Canada will gather together in their communities to attend a local training event. Below I’ve listed the training sessions that will be happening that day. There are 133 of them. Just take a minute to think about that. In one day around a thousand nannies will participate in an event that will make them better caregivers and more professional and effective employees. Many will share what they’ve learned with the parents they work for, the nannies they’re friends with, the caregivers they offer advice and support to and on and on. Many of those people will put the ideas to work in their own lives and share them with their friends. And it ripples out. Every event will make a difference not only to the nannies attending but to so many others in ways we’ll never see. When I think about the big picture, when I stand back and take in the ripple event of National Nanny Training Day, it does my heart good.

So thank you to the organizers who believed in the vision and enthusiastically jumped on board. You all have been amazing and have so much to be proud of. And thank you to all the nannies attending. You’re an important part of something very special.


Child-Related Session Topics

1. Car Seat Safety

2. Sleep Training

3. Entitlement Issues: How to Teach Children Civility and Empathy Towards Others

4. Fun and Educational Activities for Kids

5. Living Organized

6. Autism 101

7. The Incredible Years

8. Asthma Management Training

9. Taste & See Healthy Baby Food

10. Love & Logic

11. Music Born Musicians

12. Creative Play

13. creative movement for babies, toddlers, and kids

14. a parent’s perspective when caring for a child with special needs

15. Newborn Care

16. The importance of good nutrition, fitness, music & movement in a child’s development

17. Showing how music therapy with young children helps focus on academic and cognitive skills, communication, social skills, and motor functioning and coordination

18. Healthy Food Choice

19. Story time & Sing-A-Long

20. Curriculum and Activities to Engage Youth

21. Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle

22. Bully Proof Kids

23. Working with New Moms

24. Homework Transformed

25. When Nanny Becomes Nurse

26. Benefits of Infant Massage

27. Infant & Toddler Safety

28. Infant Specialist Overview

29. Music for Everyday

30. Intro to Bullying

31. Homework without Tears, Battles and Headaches

32. Toddler Sleep and Potty Solutions

33. Sleep and Nursery Safety

34. Happiest Baby on the Block

35. Planning Impressive Preschool Games and Educational Activities

36. Autism: What I Should Know

37. Sharing Experiences, Ideas, Questions, and Work Concerns

38. Happy Mama Orlando/Happy Baby Organic Baby Foods

39. Little Hands…Make Big Words – Baby Sign Language

40. Music Therapy

41. Working with Children w/Disabilities

42. Swim Safety

43. Children’s Health and Nutrition

44. The Next Level of Care – Connecting With, Motivating, and Mentoring Kids

45. Why Music is a Whole-Brain Activity and Supports All Learning

46. Solving Sleep Problems: What Every Nanny Needs to Know

47. Make & Take Art

48. Prevention Rather Than Cure: The Eleven Commandments of Nanny 911

49. The Three Sleep Stealers

50. CleanBeeBaby Nanny Car Seat Safety Training – Level I

51. Making a Care Transition: The Addition of a New Baby!

52. Incorporating Music, Story, and Movement into your Daily Nanny Routine

53. Fresh Baby Bites: Organic Infant Nutrition & Puree Ideas

54. Perinatal Mood/Anxiety Disorders (PPD): How Nannies Can Recognize, Understand, and Support the Mother and Family Going Through It

55. Beyond the Basics: Advanced Love & Logic Techniques for Professional Nannies

56. Shake Your Booty! Getting Your Charges Fit Through Music and Movement

57. CPR/First Aid

58. Rules of Discipline

59. Developing Confidence and Courage in Young Children Through Play

60. Infant Sleep, to Sleep or How to Sleep, That is the Question

61. Pediatric Nutrition & Healthy Lifestyles

62. Ideas, props and movements for children

63. Ask a Nurse!

64. Infant & Child CPR and First Aid Review

65. Nurtured Heart Approach

66. How to Teach Children Basic Embroidery Techniques

67. How to Keep Your Cool When the Children Are Driving You Crazy

68. The importance of Play

69. Peaceful Disipline

70. Play, Creativity, and Learning Through Art


72. My Smart Hands

73. Soothing Infants Through Massage

74. Art & Children

75. Temper Tantrums: An Opportunity to Teach and Nurture

76. Children at Play: The Importance of Play in Child Development

77. Wheezy, Sneezy, Itchy: What You Should Know About Childhood Allergies and Asthma

78. Sleeping Through the Night: The Who’s the Boss? Approach to Parents and Babies Getting a Full Night’s Rest

79. The “Poop” on Potty Mastery

80. Creating a Home Learning Environment

81. Safe Care. The proper cleaning of baby’s nursery and toddler’s toys and equipment

82. No Stress Nanny. Soothing the fussy baby

83. Happy Home Activities. Creative, imaginative, inexpensive home craft projects

84. Beyond Glitter and Glue: Making Playtime With Kids Count

85. Using Humor To Communicate With Children & To Get Them To Cooperate Easier

86. They Need You: Healthy Nannies 4 Healthy Kids

87. Playful Learning, Explaining the Importance of Play

88. Language Acquisition in Early Childhood

89. Limit setting with young children

90. Science Workshop: Bugs and Insects

91. Best Nanny Workshop

92. Emergency Preparedness


Professional Development Offerings

93. Tax Tips for Nannies

94. Benefits of using a reputable agency

95. Real Nannies … Real Questions … Real Answers

96. Continuing Education Options and Opportunities for Caregivers, Teachers, and Parents in the Greater Metropolitan DC area.

97. The Secret to Getting Ahead in Your Career & Life

98. Dynamics of Child Sexual Abuse & Prevention

99. How to Make the Nanny/Parent Relationship Work

100. Agency Panel

101. How to Make Yourself Indispensable

102. How to transition from Nanny to Personal Assistant or Household Manager

103. What Every Parent Wants

104. Family/Nanny Dynamics

105. Household Payroll and Tax Tips

106. Sticky Situations: Talking to Your Boss Without Coming Unglued

107. Time-Out! Self-Care for Caregivers

108. Nanny Round Table

109. Nanny Thyself: Wellness & Self Care Strategies for Nannies

110. The Importance and Details of a Quality Nanny Contract/Work Agreement

111. Essential Skills for Nannies – Listening, Communication , Negotiating and more

112. Nannying the Nanny

113. Landing Your Dream Job by Standing Out from the Crowd

114. Being a Professional: What That Really Means

115. Professional Interviewing Strategies

116. Professional Portfolio Building

117. Working with Challenging Families

118. Showcasing your Talent: Presentation of a Real Nanny Portfolio

119. Writing a Stand Out Nanny Resume and Secrets to a Successful Interview

120. How to Interview and Land Your Dream Job

121. How To Move From Nanny to Nanny Manager

122. Nanny vs. Super Nanny: Setting Yourself Apart from the Competition

123. Get What You Need: Effective Communication with Your Employer

124. Taxes for Professional Nannies: Why It’s a Good Idea for You and Your Employers to Be Legal

125. Image Consultant

126. WOW! Your Resume and Interview Techniques

127. Communication & Conflict Resolution

128. Agency Panel on Finding, Landing, and Keeping a Terrific Nanny Position

129. Creating a Trusting Relationship with Parents

130. Understanding the Different Personalities to Enhance Communication in the Work Place

131. “In the Mind of Parents” what parents are thinking during interviews, trials and during your time as a nanny”

132. Natural Self-Care Tips for the Confident Nanny

133. Launch Yourself as a Professional Nanny


Giving Back

Many programs are also using their events to contribute to a charitable organization.  Here are the ones that will benefit from the efforts of our organizers.

South Boston Neighborhood House’s programs serving disadvantaged children.

Baby Buggy has donated over 5.4 million items to needy families through their community partners including over 2.6 million diapers!

United Through Reading unite families facing physical separation by facilitating the bonding experience of reading aloud together.

Kids to Kids, a program for Spread the Word Nevada, in promoting literacy for Nevada’s children.

The Children’s Museum of Wilmington

Hope Haven of the Lowcountry is a Children’s Advocacy and Rape Crisis Center located in Beaufort, South Carolina. They provide state-of-the-art child forensic interviews, crisis counseling, victim advocacy, evidence-based mental health treatment, family support, law enforcement partnerships and educational programs.

Brittany’s Hope Foundation is dedicated to aiding and facilitating adoptions of special needs children from around the world.


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