Nanny Taxes: Talking to Your Employer About Taxes

This page is filled with the resources you need to help talk to your employers about being paid legally. This is a tough topic to tackle but it’s an important one. You deserve to receive all the protections that being paid on the books offers you.  Please share this page with your nanny friends and groups if you find these resources helpful.

watch the on demand webinar How to Talk to Your Employer About Taxes

download the webinar handout that outlines what I shared in the webinar

downloadable handouts to give or email to your employers
Advantages of Paying Your Nanny Legally
Legal Side of Employing a Nanny

links to payroll tax calculators
Breedlove and Associates
HomeWork Solutions (requires a sign in)

Nanny’s Tax Questions Answered by Kathy Webb series
full video, includes all the sections
employee vs. independent contractor
So what exactly is taxable?
benefits, bonuses and perks
deductions for nannies
and what about…?

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