Photos and Your Job Search

Pictures are an important part of your job search. They help personalize your written information, they help potential employers feel a connection to you before they meet you, and they help agencies and parents remember you out of the many other caregivers they’re looking at.

There are two types of pictures that are helpful: headshots and activity pictures.

A headshot is a close-up, clear picture of, you guessed it, your face. A great headshot doesn’t have to be an expensive, formal picture. In fact, the best headshots aren’t. Yes, you want your picture to give agencies and parents the impression that you’re professional, but you don’t want to seem too formal or stiff. You want your head shot to say you’re happy, warm and fun. A picture of you genuinely smiling is the best. Make sure it’s in focus, is framed well, doesn’t have a distracting background and you’re wearing an appropriate, casual outfit.  (Thanks to Westside Nannies for letting me use one of their nanny’s headshots here.)

Activity pictures are pictures of you or of you and kids doing fun things. These pictures helps you paint a picture of yourself as a warm, loving, fun caregiver. They’re a great way to showcase your personality and give people a visual image of the type of day you offer kids.  Remember to get permission from parents before using any pictures of children and include a note of that at the bottom of your picture page.

If you’re overweight, activity pictures are the best way to overcome the concerns of parents who are fearful that an overweight nanny won’t be able to keep up with their kids or won’t engage their kids in physical activities. Sharing pictures of you hiking, climbing at the playground or swimming with kids will help give parents the peace of mind they need to move forward in the hiring process. Pictures really can be worth a thousand words.

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