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Parent FAQ Overview

Choosing Nanny Care
Is hiring a nanny the right choice for your family?  This section will help you decide.  Get clear about the different job titles in in-home care, compare your childcare choices, take a look at the pros and cons of nanny care, learn about the responsibilities that come with being a nanny employer, and use my handy worksheet to figure out the cost of having a nanny.    

Understanding Your Legal and Tax Obligations
Hiring a nanny means you automatically have new legal and tax obligations and risks. This section outlines what you need to know to comply with the law and protect yourself from the common pitfalls.

Finding, Screening, and Hiring Your Nanny
Ready to hire your new nanny? This section will give you all the information and resources you need to find, screen, and hire the perfect nanny for your family.

The Nuts and Bolts of Nanny Care
Got nanny questions? Here’s the place to find the answers. Get real world information on a nanny’s schedule, responsibilities, wages, benefits and other related topics.

Getting Started with Your New Nanny
Yeah! You’ve hired your new nanny! Now what? This section helps you get started as a household employer, gives you the resources to develop a great nanny contract and offers up great tips on welcoming your new nanny.

Nanny / Family Relationship
This section is devoted to creating a successful, long term nanny / family relationship. You’ll find expert advice on everything from effectively communicating with your nanny to handling your caregiver’s differing approach to your child’s challenging behaviors to working through the emotions that come up when your nanny is too wonderful.

Unique Situations
being a stay-at-home parent or work-from-home parent
nanny shares
employing a nanny who brings her own child to work
employing a live-in nanny

At some point, every nanny and family ends their employment relationship.  Here you’ll find help in deciding if it’s the right time to let your nanny go, resources to help you support your family when your nanny quits, ways to help your kids stay connected to your nanny after she leaves and helpful ideas on transitioning from one nanny to another.