Keeping Kids Safe While Juggling Carpools and Car Seats

As summer gets closer, you may find yourself transporting additional kids to practice, the pool or just driving them home after an afternoon play date. It’s especially important when you’re transporting kids that you understand the type of seat that’s needed for each child based on her age and guestimated weight and height plus how to properly install each of those seats. This doesn’t just apply to babies and toddlers. Kids are in booster seats until they’re between 8 and 12 years old. Yeah, that’s a whole lot to know but it can truly be a matter of life and death.

Remember, when you agree to drive another child, you’re promising to do everything you can to keep her safe. (That’s what you expect from other nannies and moms driving your child, right?) That means having her buckled into a properly installed seat. That also means insisting that the child come with her own seat. Some parents and caregivers will ask you to “make do” with a seat that’s already in your car but not fitted to that child. Maybe an empty seat used by an older or younger sibling. Some will even suggest that a seat belt is fine for short trips. Stick to your guns and say no. Don’t let the awkwardness of the situation push you into doing something you know is dangerous. The discomfort you’ll feel over saying no is nothing compared to the guilt you’ll feel if you’re in an accident and that child is hurt or killed because you took a short cut.

Here’s a great comprehensive resource for all things car seat. Bookmark this page so you can quickly look up information when you’re out and about. It has everything you need to know to keep every age child safe in the car.

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