Job Search: How Should I Follow Up On An Interview?

Knowing how and when to follow up on an interview can be tricky. You want to seem interested but not desperate. You want to know if they’re interested in you but don’t want to seem needy. You want to know when they’ll make a decision but you don’t want to see pushy. (Geez, reminds me of dating in my early years.) Here are some helpful tips.


Thank You Note
It’s always a good idea to MAIL a short thank you note. Even if you’re not interested in the job or it wasn’t offered, saying thank you for their time is simply the polite (and smart) thing to do. Remember this family will be reporting back to your agency and you never know who else they’ll talk to. They may know a great family you’re perfect for. You want to leave them with a positive last impression. I always have a thank you note addressed and stamped in the car so as soon as I leave the interview, I can jot down a quick thank you and drop it in the local mail box.


Follow Up Email
If you’re interested in the job, it’s a good idea to send them a quick email the day of or the day after the interview. Simply say you enjoyed meeting them and if they have any follow-up questions, you’re happy to answer them. It’s a nice touch to add a simple resource for something you talked about in the interview. If the mom mentioned the child loved trains, you could send an announcement about a train display in a local kid museum. This should look like something you simply ran across while online, not something you spent hours researching.


“So What’s Going On” Email
You can’t afford to hang out in limbo forever but you don’t want to accept another position if they’re going to offer you the job. If it’s been over a week and you haven’t heard from them (and your agency has no feedback), send them an email asking for an update on their progress. You can say something like “I really connected with your family and know we’d work well together. I know you’re still in the decision making process however can you let me know when you’ll be making your final decision? It would be help me know how to best move forward in my job search.”

Effectively following up with a family can be the difference between landing the job and getting lost in the crowd.  So don’t forget this important step!

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