How Your Nanny Can Give Your Child A Great Summer

Ah, summer vacation is almost here. For a lot of families, summer means camp. Sports, academic, performing arts. But your nanny is also a great resource for summer fun and learning. Here are a few areas where nannies can make this upcoming summer a hit.


Doing Whatever You Want
We’ve all read the articles about overscheduled kids. Most of us recognize that unplugged, unstructured play time is key to developing self-confidence, independence, curiosity, critical thinking and lots of other important traits. But where do we find the time between school, sports and homework?

Summer of course! Kids don’t have to be enrolled in camp to stay busy and learn something new. Nannies are great at creating environments that engages kids in activities they love while allowing them the freedom to play, explore and learn at their own pace. Building forts, going on dinosaur hunts, creating new backyard games or just lazing around the community pool enjoying the warm sun can all be part of your child’s day.


Siblings As Friends
During the school year, siblings with more than a couple of years between them are often like ships passing in the night. They see each other, have short bursts of time together at meals and in the car but rarely get to spend real one-on-one time connecting. Summer is a great time for siblings to get to know each other as friends. Instead of heading off to different classrooms, teams or play dates, they can play together, learning what it’s really like to be brothers and sisters.


Special Help
Summer is also be a great time for your child to develop and strengthen academic and social skills that he or she is struggling with at school. Summer gives your nanny the time and freedom to really focus on key areas without the performance pressure of the school year. This relaxed environment often makes it easier for kids to master new skills and be more confident going into the new school year.


Whatever you do, slow down and enjoy this magical time of the year.  Have a great summer!