How Do Families Appreciate Their Nanny? Let Me Count the Ways

When you ask nannies what they’re looking for in a job, an appreciative employer always makes the top of the list. But what does that mean in real world terms? I asked that question to nannies and got a lot of great responses. You might be surprised at the things that make nannies feel valued and appreciated. You’ll definitely get some great ideas on ways to show your nanny how much she matters to your family.

How does your family show you they appreciate you?

They brag about me to family and friends, are generous with time off, and give me more responsibilities. ~ Jen Mazgajewski

Just a thank you goes a long way with me! ~ Keyanna Barr

They treat me like family, give me little gifts that are thoughtful (car wash certificate, store bought or homemade cards, Starbucks gift card), invited family to the beach for vacation, not to mention being told how much I am appreciated and genuinely thanked! ~ Jody Vane

By offering me maternity leave and offering to have me bring my baby to work with me…because they don’t want to lose me…and they have told me on multiple occasions it takes a village to raise a child…and I’m part of their village…I just love hearing things like that. I’ve also been called a surrogate Mom and told that they (my employers) hope my husband and I become parents as quickly as humanly possible because I am great in the role of Mom…. :-) ~ Kristi S. Summers

My old NF would send me home early if the weather was bad. They also sent me flowers and a sweet card when my mom died in March. They also always gave me a gift on Mother’s Day from my charge. ~ Sheena Welch Whipple

My old boss would thank her cousin for referring her to me every time they saw each other (I heard this from the cousin). I loved hearing that! ~ Holly Nickeson

They send me flowers, cards thru the mail even though we live in the same house, pay for mani/pedi if they know the week has been very long, and give me gift cards. ~ Donna Saunders

My previous NF would give me gift certificates, treat me like one of their family (still do, actually), go out of their way for my bday, brag about me to their friends, etc. ~ Brittany Schick

I was just granted reduced summer hours with a raise! ~ Lindsey Goins

When the go to the store they always ask if they want me to pick anything up. Even when I say no they bring me snacks and ice cream. Also giving me maternity leave and letting me being my daughter. ~ Sarah Nash

My family went on vacation, and chose days specifically not to interfere with my work schedule. That shows appreciation! If they have an appointment and it’s during the first half of my shift, and an alternative work day doesn’t work they still pay me for a whole day. Those types of acknowledgments that this is my REAL job that I depend on to pay my bills really shows appreciation. ~ Brielle Rainney

They tell me. They also keep me supplied in Coke Zero and put some in the fridge for me at night so they’re cold when I arrive in the morning, they leave me notes “from the baby” thanking me for taking care of her, they send me emails just to say thanks, have me over for dinner so we can check in with each other and see how everything is going. ~ Jess Staples

By verbally letting me know. Words can mean so much! Oh, and add they get foods I like to keep in their home. They trust me with the girls more than they trust some family members, know I have their best interest in mind. ~ Wendy Dee Peoples

Massage gift cards, raises, bragging to their friends, flowers, artwork from the littles and random thank you’s. ~ Jamie Borota

Often when it’s just MB and I home alone we will order in for dinner, often twice a week. She lets me pick whatever I want, and always asks if I want an appetizer and a dessert. It usually costs her $20-$25 extra but she doesn’t bat an eyelash – her way of showing me that I am “part of the family” :) ~ Cyndi Stewart

Gift cards, let out early, treats, cash bonuses, verbal thanks, let’s me take NK’s away to my beach house in the summer. Lots of things! ~ Cecily Elizabeth

I was offered health insurance and they also offered to match my savings into a 401k. ~ Tricia Kinnie

They pick me up coffee on their way home from running errands, ask for my advice and trust my judgment, send me pictures of the girls being silly over the weekend, give me lots of hugs, and just generally treat me like family. :) ~ Ali Marsh

My MB often brings me home coffee or a shake if she picks something up for herself. Even when MB and DB go out to lunch more often than not they bring me home a desert (it’s horrible on my diet!). I also often get videos or pictures when I’m not there if the kid is doing something awesome. Just little things that show they know how much I love their kids. I’ve had past employers really talk me up to relatives, it always felt so nice when I met grandparents or aunts and uncles and the first thing they tell me is how awesome MB or DB always say I am. ~ Kimberly Scharf

The simple texts telling you how much they appreciate is what keeps me going! I worked with a newborn, and helped them get on a routine. I gave them advice, and was always there to listen to what I had to stay. When I was out sick. I got texts asking how I was doing and a picture of the baby. It’s not always about the money, but sometimes nice words can go a long way :) ~ Elizabeth Schubert

My boss gave me a day off with pay for my birthday. I also got a big bonus at 6 months and they said they’ll give me another one at a year! I think this is pretty awesome and makes me feel really appreciated. ~ Linda Lee

They pay for my insurance, Give me a generous yearly bonus, raise after 6 months and will get another at one year. Gifts and sweet cards on birthday, Mother’s Day, Valentine’s day and just ’cause. Will buy special drinks and food because they know I like it. Take me out to lunch or dinner to celebrate little things. Asking for my advice and listens to what I say. Always keeps me informed in advance when I will not be needed so I can plan also. Tells me how much they appreciate me and how much they and their baby loves me. Very considerate of my time, very communicative. Sends me pictures when they’re gone on vacation because they know I miss and love their baby. When asked how do they manage their intense career and take care of baby and (trying) to get pregnant, reply with – oh, I have Mary Poppins! ~ Karen Morgan

They are always traveling during my birthday, which falls during a holiday week. But I always receive a lovely gift in the mail. Also, we live in New England. When they need me on a snow day, the dad picks me up in is Range Rover in the morning and drives me home when they can release me. They just told me they would do this, I had expected to freeze waiting for the two buses between my house and theirs. ~ Janice StClair

They verbally thank me and buy the snack foods that I like. But honestly, trusting me enough to not mico-manage my day is a one of the best ways they show that respect me. ~ Julia Hochbaum

I receive gifts for most holidays and thank you notes when I have extra hours. ~ Michelle McCarter

I could go on forever!! Here’s a few ways :) My family and I have known each other for over 4 years but I didn’t become their nanny until last June. They let me know my value by waiting a YEAR for me to be available to hire me. Once I got hurt at their house-no fault of theirs; I blacked out- and they helped me financially just because they wanted to make sure I was okay. This summer I am going to Africa for a missions trip and they are going to Brazil for a month that overlaps that time I’ll be gone. They have given me the entire time off with pay. Whenever I leave the house, the kids play what we call the “I Love You” game. The older two walk me to the front door and we all take turns saying how much we love each other and try to beat each other. To this day I have been loved past all the planets, more than all the bricks on all the houses in all the world plus google (whatever that quantity is). This is my favorite part of the day because they are literally screaming it from their front door and all the neighbors hear it. ~ Keisha Sherrell

I really like the positive texts I receive from the parents. They are also good about saying thank you. The Nana has given me her homemade cookies several times and even a gift for Valentine’s Day. ~ Kristen Hopwood

My former nanny family would call on my days off to tell me they love and miss me. Today they still do and former MB also sends pictures and videos of the kids she thinks I would enjoy. Also blessed I can go over and babysit for them and continue the relationship. Means the world to me. ~ Lisa Diehl

I get genuine “thank yous” and that honestly means so much! Just to be validated for my hard work, and thanked sometimes makes all the difference! ~ Sara Kean

My families over the years have been too kind to me. My first family took me back to the States with them and I was their Au Pair for a year as they were here in the UK for work for 3 years and wanted me to see the real USA and made my dream come true with a trip to Disney. They did lots of fab things like getting me Xmas tree cutting and I was away from home, they made sure my mum RIP was not on her own Xmas day. In all jobs been part of the family’s life. Seen holy communion , conformations , weddings ‘0’ birthdays and so much more. My current family is great and so kind. They care for me and do little and big things that mean so much. Not just treats like vouchers and bonus. Just a thanks at the end of the day when I am home and MB has noticed I have tidied up something or what one of the kids have said at bedtime that means so much to me or a picture that one has drew for me. With my family time is always a must and the kids know that there is my time and mum and dad time and they cherish that . Think the most precious time when after a day old I was introduce to the new little baby that was going to have me as nanny and she smiled at me then I knew we would have a bond. Oh sorry tears have come…….. ~ Janet S Lindsay

Notice any extra things I do and graciously thank me. I don’t mind doing extra things around the house, for example, if it’s appreciated. I’ve worked for families who never said a thing for years and families who noticed everything every day. Not that I do things for praise, but a “thank you” once in a while is nice. I also love getting texts from MB, too, when she tells me what my NKs said about me. For example, my 3.5 yo charge told MB that “Miss Amanda gives the BEST hugs.” That melts my heart and also gives me confidence that even after the time outs, etc. little guy still loves me :) lastly, MB just told me last week that I get paid holidays, and I only work PT. So considerate of their family. ~ Amanda Goodwin

I often get thank yous and they tell me how much they appreciate everything I do. They allow me to bring my dog to work because they know I would worry about him otherwise or pay for doggy daycare. I think the biggest is how relatives and friends say they hear great things about me. ~ Sarah Smock

My MB would often bring me flowers, a plant etc and tell me that she appreciates all that I do! ~ Jaclyn Pini Reppucci

They thank me at the end of most days and almost every time they hand me my paycheck they let me know how much they appreciate the work I do. ~ Bethany Corrie

They verbally say thank you. It goes a long ways to feeling valued. ~ Kelly Lockwood

My previous MB used to hand write and send me notes of appreciation in the mail. I loved the surprise of the gesture! ~ Beth Lehmann

My employer writes me thank you notes in the log book. Thank you notes in the log book. She also comes home early at times and says go home to your children but does not affect my pay. They leave me things for almost every holiday. Almost every time I do something extra, she notices and thanks me for them. They apologize if ever late, tries to tell me ahead if time if they will be late and respect my time. They both really listen to my needs and wants. They try hard to keep food I regularly eat in the house. They also give me trust and allow outings all the time. ~ Sarah Kumaraperu

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