Job Search: Guerrilla Marketing for Job Hunters

A long time ago, the Guerrilla Marketing series for small businesses was hugely popular and for good reason. At a time when most advertisers and marketers were doing things the same way, the Guerilla Marketing books were chocked full of great outside-the-box ideas. The ideas required more legwork than other more expensive approaches but that was the point. If you were willing to put in the sweat equity, you could promote your business in new and unique ways. Looking back, the most valuable lesson I learned from that series was that there are almost endless unconventional ways to get a conventional task completed. For job searchers, that idea have never been more true.

I hear from a lot of nannies in the job market. Many have what it takes to land the kind of job they want but the way they present themselves is anything but new, innovative and eye-catching. And in today’s super competitive market, the traditional approach just isn’t enough.

OK, time for a little tough love. If you think I’m talking about the other guy, I’m not. I’m talking about YOU. If you really want to find a great job, you have to step out of your comfort zone. Package yourself in a way that makes a real impression on agencies and families. Let go of the idea that because you have the experience, education or know how, you shouldn’t have to do any real work to land the job of your dreams. Quit complaining about having to compete with cheaper, younger, less experienced nannies and start proving why you’re the best choice for the job and why you’re worth the money you’re asking for. Be bold about letting people know you’re looking and what you have to offer. Don’t sell yourself short. Stop taking advice from people in crappy jobs or who, despite being stuck in their own wildly unsuccessfully job search, refuse to try anything new. You CAN find a good job. You CAN make a competitive salary. But you have to work at it and you have to be willing to embrace, not just begrudgingly accept, the new nanny job market.

So get out there and go guerrilla. Make a video showcasing one of your many talents. Get a “nanny available” t-shirt made, grab a neighborhood kid and head to the park on a Saturday afternoon. Volunteer for the school fair at the top preschool in town. Put flyers up at the local gym. Tap into the power of LinkedIn. Attend a local charity event hosted by your city’s Bar Association. There are endless ways you can connect with potential employers or people who know potential employers. You just have to find the ways that are best for you.

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