Pay: Do Nannies Get Paid When The Kids Are In School?

When the kids go to school, either for a few hours in the mornings or for a full day, should the nanny get paid for that time?

If you have a full-time (or even a part-time) nanny and want to keep her, the simple answer is yes. Nannies depend on a set, regular paycheck to meet their bills and reach their financial goals. This means your nanny needs a guaranteed amount of money coming in each week.

Also, a nanny’s schedule (and wages) reflect the time she needs to be available to work, not the actual time worked. If you have pre-school or school-age children and need your nanny to care for them when they’re home sick, dismissed early for snow, off for a professional day, etc., her schedule and pay should include the hours they’re in school.

Many nannies pick up family and household management duties when their charges go to school. This is a great win/win situation for both the nanny and the employer.

But keeping your current nanny on isn’t always the best choice. For parents looking to cut their childcare budget and that have a lot of flexibility in their work schedules or near-by relatives willing to pitch in, a nanny who gets paid only for the hours she works might be a better choice.

Some families look for nannies willing to work a split-shift, coming in for a couple of hours in the morning to get the kids off to school and then back again for afterschool and early evening duty. But beware, this can work for a college student or a neighborhood mom who brings her child with her but it’s hard to find someone to work those hours long term. For most, it’s just not feasible time or money wise for the long haul.

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